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The Data Platform for the Modern Energy Industry

Learn more about how StackDX can help your company eliminate repetitive back office tasks and allow your team to focus on higher value activities such as addressing exceptions and discrepancies.

Clean and Organized

Energy companies have massive amounts of data stored in every possible type of medium and system. Before this data can be leveraged, it needs to be indexed and catalogued.

File Folders


Paper Documents

PDF, Excel, etc.

Unstructured Data





Siloed Database
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structured data
Structured Data & Connected DB

Meet Edith

Edith is an Artificial Intelligence engine built by Stack for energy specific files. Edith excels at:

  • Converting all documents to text (OCR) to ensure searchability
  • Auto-categorizing and naming well and land docs
  • Pulling out key metadata (wells, dates, etc.)
  • Exception reporting and flagging issues

Case Study

Energy companies have massive amounts of data stored in every possible type of medium and system. Before this can be leveraged, it first needs to be indexed and catalogued.

Accessible Data

Too much time is spent on data administration by high value employees. Stack enables you to break down the silos within your organization by connecting your inhouse land, well, and accounting systems. With Stack, all users can have secure and intuitive access to high value data sets across your company.

  • Connect your well documents to Petro Ninja to make them accessible by web and mobile devices.
  • View your most up-to-date land layer on the map without any imports or manual effort.
  • Use the most up-to-date public data to cross check your land data for accuracy.
Accessible Data

Exchange and Automate

StackDX enables the secure and efficient maintenance and sharing of core common data with your partners, royalty owners, and land owners.

Stack’s shared data platform eliminates the parallel and separate entry of records between partners and improves the data integrity of key data sets such as:

  • Land leases and contracts
  • Well/Facility/Pipeline information
  • DOIs
  • Production and more!

Stack can transform your backoffice by automating common and repetitive tasks such as the exchange of data between partners, industry/public notifications, and more!

Exchange and Automate

Building for the Modern Energy Industry