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Discover the next level of effectiveness with StackDX. Liberate your team from the data swamp. No more organizing files, manually comparing to public data, emailing or complex queries. Let humans do the human jobs, innovating your way to a brighter future.

The Problem - Navigating Data Chaos in the Energy Sector

Energy companies grapple with huge amounts of data spread across diverse systems. The challenge lies in harnessing the untapped potential, requiring a systematic approach through indexing and cataloging to create a streamlined accessible platform.

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Introducing Edith, Your Al Powerhouse Dedicated to the Energy Industry

Edith takes the lead in:

  • Converting all documents to text for seamless searchability
  • Auto-categorizing and precisely naming land and asset documents
  • Extracting metadata, such as wells and dates with pinpoint accuracy
  • Conducting exception reporting and flagging potential issues for proactive resolution

Case Study

Dive into a real-world example of digital transformation.

Explore the journey of a company's leap into the future of energy with this case study on the digitization of land files using StackDX. Discover how innovation, and efficiency converged into concrete results and operational excellence.

Accessible Data

Cut down on high-value employee time spent on data administration. Stack breaks down organizational silos by seamlessly connecting in-house land, well, and accounting systems. With Stack, clients gain secure and user-friendly access to valuable datasets throughout your company.

  • Link well documents to Petro Ninja for instant access via web and mobile devices
  • Visualize your latest land layer on the map hassle-free, no need for imports or manual efforts
  • Leverage the most recent public data to cross-check and ensure the accuracy of your land data
Picture of a land grid inside the StackDX technology

Exchange and Automate

Manage and share essential data securely with partners, royalty owners, and landowners using StackDX. Stack's collaborative data platform eradicates the need for redundant data entry among partners, elevating the integrity of crucial datasets including:

  • Land leases and contracts
  • Well/Facility/Pipeline information
  • DOIs
  • Production

Experience back-office revolution as Stack automates routine tasks, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual workload.

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