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Stack Virtual Data Rooms

Data rooms have come a long way from boxes of paper and a laptop. Stack VDRs let sellers quickly set up a data room and ensure the purchaser is ready to operate upon close.

Built for Oil & Gas

A virtual data room (VDR) is a secure online space where you can store and share sensitive information with potential buyers. We took this concept one step further and designed Stack VDRs specifically for the oil and gas industry. Our solution integrates with your land systems, visualizes your data on a map, and provides an easy way to cross-reference this information with all parties and regulators.

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Data Collection

Stack clients can gather all records related to a disposition and build a VDR in minutes. Configure the VDR to determine who can view it (internal/external) along with the functionality and data they can access.

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View the disposition's minerals, contracts, surface, wells, pipes, and facilities on the map. Compare against your corporate layers to quickly confirm that all the necessary records are included.


Invite potential buyers into a marketing room or a due diligence room regardless of whether they already are Stack clients or not. Track all activity and notify all parties whenever new records are added.

For sellers


Automatically pull all land, well, pipe, and facility documents through a land system query, map selection, or StackDX criteria


Search, visualize on the map, and run reports across all VDR contents with built-in validation tools


Invite potential purchasers to view marketing materials or conduct due diligence with a full audit trail


Upon close, Stack manages the document transfer and provides audit trail along with transfer records

For purchasers

  • Easy data migration for Stack and non-Stack users
  • Re-map land files
  • Get reports on data health
  • Identify missing data while the seller is still engaged
  • Get access to the data immediately upon close

Get started

Let Stack manage the data so you can focus on the deal.